poems and prose

Essays & interviews

Extract from Arrangements in Blue (Slate.com)

In Praise of Cravings (or How To Eat a Poem) (Vittles)

A short essay on Ree Morton’s ‘Don’t worry, I’ll only read you the good parts’ (Elephant)

A Bleed of Blue (Granta)

Material Lacquer: Chelsey Minnis talks to Amy Key (Poetry London)

Chelsey Minnis: on being incorrigible (Poetry News)

On the page, into the sensual world – on Kate Bush (Poetry News)

Crab quiche, potato salad and tomato and fennel salad (Women Cook for Me)

The pangs of Joan Murray (Poetry Review)



My narrative costume is a witch without reputation (Broadly)

Three poems: I disowned my real pain and engaged with its subordinates:, No one should be frightened of pleats, and The Garden (The White Review)

Two poems: Delphine is having a mani-pedi and Delphine is not dressed for the weather (Granta)

A marble bath (Poetry)

Lousy with unfuckedness, I dream (Poetry)

The News Reported She Wore Her Body to the Event (New Statesman) and a conversation with Natalya Anderson about this poem

3 poems in Hotel magazine

The Best Is Yet To Come (Prac Crit) and a conversation with Kathleen Ossip about this poem

Delphine is on Silent Retreat (Poetry)

Announcement and Next Steps (Poetry) and a piece on this poem by Ella Risbridger in The Pool

How Rare A Really Beautiful Hand is Now, Since the Harp Has Gone Out of Fashion! (Poetry)

Stem of Wallflower / Hair of Doormat (The Poetry Review)

Here for Your Amusement & “Too Gruesome!” (The Quietus)

An Abecedary of Unrequited Love (Shabby Doll House)

gigantic shadows which, rocking back and forth, close in on us and destroy everything within us except the pain of endless longing (For Every Year)

Baby, wait a lifetime before you love somebody (For Every Year)

G e m i n i (The Bohemyth)

Here is an illusion of choice, we’ve made it very pretty for you (B O D Y Literature)

To Dream of Copper, Denotes Oppression from Those Above You in Station (New Boots and Pantisocracies)

Poem With Romantic Demise (B O D Y Literature)

Interiorana (with commentary by Steve Whitaker) (The Yorkshire Times)

Here I read ‘Whoever You Are, You Start off A Stranger’ for Selected Poems.

From Internet Poetry: ‘Representations of myself’‘ and ‘Navigation; Love’


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