News and pizzazz

The latest from me is that Clare Pollard has reviewed my book Luxe in Poetry London‘s Summer issue. I had a fantastic time going to the launch and hearing one of my all-time favourite poets Matthea Harvey read from her new book. Discovering that Matthea, like me, has two sister cats made my night – see her compelling Instagram.

Poet and critic Dai George has written about the poetry of Heather Phillipson, Camellia Stafford and me in the Boston Review. He’s coined our work as representing a ‘new wave of sad pizzazz‘ which complements the ‘pink noir’ tag Patrick Brandon gave Camellia’s book.

I also recently took part in the ‘writing process’ blog tour. My response to questions about how/what I write are here. Julia Bird, Alex MacDonald and Rebecca Perry are taking part next.

I’m also super pleased to say The Emma Press has been invited to showcase Best Friends Forever at the Reading Poetry Festival, with readings from Fran Lock, Kathryn Maris, Camellia Stafford and Rebecca Perry. I’ve also been invited to read at the festival on 8 November.

Last but definitely not least, Nia Davies and I were absolutely thrilled to win ‘Best Magazine’ in the Saboteur Awards, announced on 31 May. The team behind the awards sent us some of the comments people made about the magazine, including “because it is consistently publishing among the very best in contemporary poetry under a unique constraint” and “they already have contributors most magazines would die for and it’s all knitted together with charm and pizzazz.” There’s that pizzazz word again! I’m thinking of getting a ‘Carrie’ necklace that says ‘pizzazz’ on it.

Thanks to all our readers and contributors, plus anyone who voted for us! We’ll be reading for Issue 6 between now and July so do submit. Details over on the Poems in Which website.

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